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Nostalgia & History > Thompson Springs, Utah

Date: 06/20/08 06:54
Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: Edwardjb

Anyone have a photo of the Zephyr or any passenger train stopping here? Practically a ghost town now.


Date: 06/20/08 07:52
Re: Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: NGotwalt

I think I remember stopping here once on the Desert Wind for a smoke break.

Date: 06/20/08 08:01
Re: Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: flynn

If on Google Image Search you do a search for Railroad Thompson, Utah you get a number of interesting pictures. The picture below, Zephyr at Thompson Utah, is among these pictures.

http://www.legendsofamerica.com/ut-thompson.html , also has some interesting pictures of Thompson Utah.

Date: 06/20/08 08:07
Re: Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: SLSF903

We stopped there for about five minutes on the CZ. I believe the engineer stopped to receive train orders. We were on the train so we couldn't take pictures. I remember it being a little oasis with trees in the middle of a very long run with no greenery in sight.

Date: 06/20/08 10:45
Re: Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: TCnR

One of the Pentrex Videos did a quick shot of a stop in town, if I remember the town had a bar diagonal across from the station stop and it had been worked into somebodies photo. Last time I drove through the area the town had dried up, suppose it had been a Maintainance of Way outpost.

Date: 06/20/08 11:51
Re: Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: flynn

Wikipedia has a web page that gives information about Thompson Springs, Utah.


The picture of Thompson Springs, Utah on the Wikipedia web page is dark. I used my Adobe program and lightened the picture and posted it below.

Date: 06/20/08 21:51
Re: Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: xtra1188w

My Dad worked here for a few weeks when he was still working from the extra board in the late 1930's. Pop was an operator/telegrapher, you know, a "brasspounder". I think that i have a picture from that era that Pop took, but I'll have to look for it as I'm uncertain where it is right off hand. It's on a cd, but I have accumulated a lot of cds.

I found what I thought might be Thompson, but my old picture was of Woodside which was near Thompson.


Date: 06/21/08 01:07
Re: Thompson Springs, Utah
Author: ats90mph

It's supposed to be just a flag stop too from what I remember.

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