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Date: 11/23/08 16:09
Truckee 1952
Author: photobob

I was finally getting around to scanning some negatives we have up here in the Dunsmuir Archives. The quality isn't the greatest but you cant take them again. This one was taken from the Truckee Freight House in 1952 as 4262 heads up the Hill with a rotary.

Robert Morris Photography

Date: 11/23/08 16:12
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: wabash2800

Awesome. The cold weather sure produces the smoke effects!

Date: 11/23/08 16:23
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: LoggerHogger

Great shot Bob! I love Cab-Aheads in the snow. Here is one Bert Ward caught at Fields, OR in 1948.


Date: 11/23/08 18:01
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: parkcity

AWESOME! I love Truckee and Donner Pass. Thanks for sharing.


Date: 11/23/08 19:54
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: IC_2024

The dude in the foreground with the Kromer cap adds alot to the photo--thanks for sharing, Bob!

Date: 11/23/08 21:17
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: steampower

Great shots.!! You sure can tell that the Cab-Forward on the second shot has a stack splitter, the way it makes the steam plume look like a volcano. They put them on to ease the blast on the wooden snowshed roofs.

Too bad we may never see one run again, although you never know. The 4294 on display at the CSRM in Sacramento is one big engine to stand next to.

Steampower forever

Date: 11/23/08 22:33
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: choochoocharlie

For those that have never seen one, this is what an exhaust splitter looks like on the 4294.


Date: 11/24/08 12:37
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: dmaffei

photobob Wrote:
> The quality isn't the greatest but you cant take them again.

Who needs quality when its steam on Donner?
Cool? I thought that might be Bill Fisher in the mackinaw and cap!

Date: 11/24/08 15:36
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: AdamPhillips

It appears that the foundation for mounting the splitter brackets was cast into the stack casting. Did SP expect the splitter to be needed at the design phase or were new stack castings produced and welded onto the smokeboxes after experience demonstrated a need? Never seen an up close and personal like these. Thanks!

Date: 11/24/08 16:44
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: WAF

1952, Bill Fisher was working in the Valley as signal foreman

Date: 11/25/08 18:36
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: dmaffei

WAF Wrote:
> 1952, Bill Fisher was working in the Valley as
> signal foreman

It was the Mackinaw that got me Wes...

Date: 11/25/08 19:21
Re: Truckee 1952
Author: WAF

Seem to be typical winter wear in those days, Dave

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