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Date: 10/24/09 18:05
Past and Present --- Melvern, KS
Author: JoCoLB

My slide show represents scenes over a span of 53 yards at Melvern, KS, on the ex-ATSF/BNSF Emporia Subdivision on the transcon route.

Picture One shows the Melvern depot building in 1956.

Picture Two is a picture of the Melvern depot that was taken sometime in the 1970s by an uncle of mine, who was a conductor on the old ATSF (Santa Fe). The picture was taken from the caboose on an eastbound train.

Picture Three is a another view of the depot from a caboose.

Date: 10/24/09 18:10
Re: Past and Present --- Melvern, KS
Author: JoCoLB

Picture Four is an overview of the Melvern location that I snapped on May 7, 1990. Notice the depot building is gone at this point in time. What especially should be noted is a siding or passing track in the middle of the two main line tracks.

Picture Five is another overview of the same Melvern location which I photographed on Thursday. Notice in this view that the middle track is long gone on the main line right of way.

What was the original purpose of that old middle track? When was it removed?

Date: 10/24/09 18:49
Re: Past and Present --- Melvern, KS
Author: AFReschief

Looks like the middle track could have been a center-siding at one time
Jim Leonard
Cheyenne, WY

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