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Nostalgia & History > Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76

Date: 04/17/11 07:41
Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: valmont

1. KCS E7A #11 with the Southern Belle Mar. 23, 1967 F. Hol Wagner original

2. MILW H16-44 #418 @ Knoche Yard Mar. 14, 1970

3. AT&SF SD45-2 #5703 + westbound just west of Argentine, KS yard

Date: 04/17/11 08:48
Re: Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: lilwes

It's "GREAT STUFF" if your not old enough to have been rail fanning then.

Wes Chiles
Topeka, KS

Date: 04/17/11 08:48
Re: Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: SCKP187

Geat shot of the Southern Belle. 1968 timetable show the north and southbound Belles meeting at Noel Mo--by 1969 in my 3rd year of college at Pittsburg Ks, the Belles were meeting at Pittsburg, often looking like the photo of yours. The south Belle would run past the depot about 5 cars to the switch, then backing into the pass and then the north Belle would arrive on the main--two trains at the depot at the same time, seen everyday at lunchtime from my not-so-nice upstaris apartment across the street from the depot---and I wasn't into photography then. A year later the depot was torn down, bricks salvaged and some of the interior furnishings, the rest burnt on site, I had to get my Navy P Coat cleaned because we were looking for rr stuff with all the fire and smoke going on.
Brian Stevens

Date: 04/17/11 10:04
Re: Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: santafe199

Ooh la la, memories... In July of '76 I remember chasing the 5703 a short way west through, appropriately enough, Chase County, KS. I'd love to be able to say it was on the 4th, but I know better. I was with family up in Manhattan on the 4th.

I was on one of my very EARLY treks down to Emporia, when I spotted it from US 50, through the trees on a WB hot-shot. I was 21 so I immediately went into illegal mode, making a u-turn & pouring on enough warp speed to catch it at Ellinor with my not-so-trusty 126 Instamatic. What did I know about sun angles? Composition? Note-taking? I was over a year away from meeting Dave Franz and knew nothing about chasing it further into the (pardon the pun, again) Chase County Flint Hills...

It was only the 2nd of the (too damn) few times I ever saw the 5700s in person. The 1st one I ever saw was (ironically) shot in the same exact manner as the 5703 with (gasp) 126 Instamatic color print film that has been long lost (R.I.P.). I can't remember the unit number (5700?), but I know for certain it was on the EB Super C right across the 3 main tracks from the Morris depot, part way up the steps to main #4 on the hi-line. I've purposely left this image un-cropped and with all the glorious dust in place as a sign of disrespect for my early talents...

If I may be so brash, I'm pretty sure your shot location west of Argentine Yard is between Turner Tower & the Morris depot pretty much right across from the old Inland Cold Storage place. I have a few shots from that location I've labeled 'Morris, KS'.

I hope you enjoy the STORY, anyway...

Lance Garrels
Manhattan, KS

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Date: 04/17/11 10:13
Re: Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: santafe199

Ooh la la, Embarrassingly large, also...

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Date: 04/17/11 10:41
Re: Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: mopacrr

I remember shooting the Bi Centennials up in Joliet UD crossing in August of 75 . Up there for a excursion with the ex Reading 2102 I think, that was at the Navy Pier or going to be there,but something happened ,and trip never came off. Stood west of tower and the 198 came by with the with the 5703 leading four other 45-2'. Joe Mc Millan shot the same train at Lockport, Ill and is pictured in his book Route of the Warbonnets that came out in 1977 on page 6.

Date: 04/17/11 11:11
Re: Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: refarkas

Excellent! All three capture special memories of the past that younger railfans will only live through photos. Thanks for posting these.

Date: 04/17/11 16:40
Re: Kansas City memories #7: 1967, 70, 76
Author: Evan_Werkema

valmont Wrote:

> 3. AT&SF SD45-2 #5703 + westbound just west of
> Argentine, KS yard

Wow, another addition to the small collection of photos showing two Santa Fe bicentennials on one train (and definitely not the Super C). See also:


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