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Date: 03/26/12 18:45
Virginian No. 47
Author: rattenne

Not sure if I posted this before or not but this is my only photo of a Virginian Fairbanks-Morse disel. The slide was marked Aug 31, 1957 at Roanoke VA.

At first glance I thought it was n H24-66 but the trucks do not appear to be CC trucks but BB trucks so I' wondering if this is a H15-44 or H16-44 unit?

Date: 03/26/12 19:50
Re: Virginian No. 47
Author: Mudrock

Date: 03/26/12 20:35
Re: Virginian No. 47
Author: wabash2800

That will be a nifty paint scheme on the NS Heritage Unit.

Date: 03/27/12 07:29
Re: Virginian No. 47
Author: kurtarmbruster

Sure would--always liked that bumblebee scheme, and the FMs were sharp. Thanks for the neat portrait! Kurt.

Date: 03/27/12 09:13
Re: Virginian No. 47
Author: wag216

KR- I always like a good F-M and I didn't get to see much of the Vgn after my 1954 Easter trip. Thank you. wag216

Date: 03/27/12 20:39
Re: Virginian No. 47
Author: kpcmcpkva

Just a note, VGN was all FM, except for a GE 44 tonner that worked
around suffolk, va

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