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Nostalgia & History > Albuquerque, NM ..................1979

Date: 03/27/12 14:59
Albuquerque, NM ..................1979
Author: miralomarail

About 8 months ago I posted a photo of the Santa Fe shops at Albuquerque, as seen from a US Army Huey Helicopter, this photo was taken 5 weeks later on my way home from Fort Sam Houston, TX

Date: 03/28/12 00:26
Re: Albuquerque, NM ..................1979
Author: Evan_Werkema

That's the place I remember seeing as I was growing up. Looks like the usual collection of SD39's and U23C's plus their RCE car over at the fuel racks.

An old diagram of the yard describes the brick building nearest the camera on the left as a lavatory, and the taller one beyond it as a "boiler house."


Anyone know the function of a "boiler house" in this context? The steam and power plant for the shops was behind the roundhouse attached to that giant smokestack (see the other half of the diagram here: http://abpr.railfan.net/abprphoto.cgi?july98/07-02-98/atsfxnewxshopx1922-5.jpg ), so that wasn't it unless the carpenters needed their own dedicated steam supply for some reason.

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