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Date: 11/03/12 17:01
Guilford's road slug set
Author: SP8595

In March of 1983, Boston & Maine built a road slug numbered 100 from Union Pacific GP-7 #134 and mated it between GP40-2's #300 and #301. In January of 1985, the set was repainted into the Orange and Gray Guilford colors but remained lettered for the B&M.
1) On an overcast day in July of 1987, the set with GP40-2 300 leading departs E. Deerfield, Mass. with a train consisting mostly of Intermodal cars over a nice "carpet" of weeds!
2) On a raw day in February of 1988, I ran across the 301-100-300 slug set leading a coal train destined for Bow, New Hampshire with a pair of ex-Detroit Edison engines. Guilford/Maine Central SD40 #603 (ex DEEX 012) and Guilford/Boston & Maine U30C #633 (ex DEEX 016) were following behind the slug set on this day.
3)A going away shot with a very interesting signal indication. I think this is the only time I have ever seen a Red-over-Yellow-over Green!?!

Date: 11/04/12 08:32
Re: Guilford's road slug set
Author: GPutz

Thanks for posting. The third image was taken at Ayer, MA. Gerry

About two miles east of Ayer is Willows junction where the freight only line to North Chelmsford (locally pronounced Nath Chimsfid) diverges from the mostly passenger line to Boston. At North Chelmsford (about two miles west of Lowell) this train will diverge north to Bow, NH. Gerry

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Date: 11/04/12 12:03
Re: Guilford's road slug set
Author: CCMF

Those GP40-2's are now ONT 2201 and CP 4656, where did the slug go ?

Bill Miller
Galt, ON

Date: 11/04/12 13:59
Re: Guilford's road slug set
Author: SP8595

CCMF Wrote:
> Those GP40-2's are now ONT 2201 and CP 4656, where
> did the slug go ?

Apparently this is what became of the slug!

Date: 11/04/12 17:47
Re: Guilford's road slug set
Author: KSmitty

The GP40-2's were returned to the lessor in '93 or '94, I don't remember as at 1 year old to I didn't pay attention...The slug, homebuilt, obviously wasn't returned and so Guilford parked it. It never turned a revenue wheel again as slugs fly in the face of Guilford's "go anywhere do everything" powerdesk philosophy. It survived until December of 2001 when it was cut up. As was mentioned in the previous post, the concrete ballast is still around.

Date: 11/05/12 16:03
Re: Guilford's road slug set
Author: chadtyk

a medium approach medium (red over yellow over green) means proceed at medium speed (not exceeding 30 mph) approaching the next signal not exceeding medium speed 30 mph again!) You usually get this kind of aspect at a meet where the train you are meeting is on the main and you go in and out of the siding around it. Also, the slug (100) and its mates (300 and 301), were already in guilford grey in 1984. i have cheesey instimatic shots of them at lowell, ma on a westbound in december of 1984 right after my folks moved out east to new hampshire from the midwest.

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