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Nostalgia & History > ICG/GM&O in Kansas City-1982

Date: 11/13/12 23:01
ICG/GM&O in Kansas City-1982
Author: oyw

I ran across a couple of slides from my early days taken at the Illinois Central Gulf yard in the Bottoms area of Kansas City. This old GM&O yard was not the best place for picture taking. A lot of clutter combined with black grease everywhere you stepped made it tough but on the morning of September 2, 1982 I managed to squeeze off a shot of ICG SD20 2033 in fresh orange and gray paint. On the other end was GP38 709 still in GM&O colors. Sure wish I'd taken more.


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Date: 11/14/12 03:36
Re: ICG/GM&O in Kansas City-1982
Author: santafe199

oyw Wrote:

.... >>>> Sure wish I'd taken more <<<<

You said it BIG TIME, Bob! The IC/ICG was never much of a favorite of mine. In the 70's & 80's their presence in Kansas City always seemed like an after-thought.
I would drop by and shoot if I wasn't occupied with "more important" stuff. Why is it that lessons we DON'T learn (at the time) make our plain-jane photos become
precious & priceless?


Date: 11/14/12 12:15
Re: ICG/GM&O in Kansas City-1982
Author: wag216

AND, the roundhouse folks were super nice. wag216

Date: 11/14/12 17:29
Re: ICG/GM&O in Kansas City-1982
Author: speederman01

And I bet you would give anything to be able to repeat those shots now?

Date: 11/15/12 08:00
Re: ICG/GM&O in Kansas City-1982
Author: mopacrr

wag216 Wrote:
> AND, the roundhouse folks were super nice. wag216

Some of the nicest people I ever met. No problem moving an engine for you if one of the RS-1's were hidden. My mistake was not at least getting a photograph inc record of the Lydia Ave Yard and facility. I used to see RS-1's tied along the bluff in a shadows all the time, but never bothered to get a photo of them there. Today the UP changes crews at Troost Ave where the old GM&O Yard used to be, I tell people the GM&O Lydia Ave Yard used to be here; they just look at me in disbelief

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