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Date: 11/17/12 18:03
few more from "extras" boxes . .
Author: 3rdswitch

. . finished going through thousands of slides today and still haven't located the missing slides which started this all but found some that were dark, crooked, blurry, etc as well as some that I wondered why they didn't make the trays? Oh well, I still have them. Thirty years ago who would have thought there would be a Photoshop?
top: eastbound Bealville, CA on SP Mojave Sub 4-73.
middle: westbound pigs Colton, CA Santa Fe 3rd District 10-75.
bottom: eastbound exPE Wilmington Branch, Vernon, CA 1-77.

Date: 11/17/12 18:53
Re: few more from "extras" boxes . .
Author: DTrainshooter

Nothing wrong with those now that they have been properly aged and corrected...

Date: 11/18/12 11:10
Re: few more from "extras" boxes . .
Author: SOB

Hell, post em' the way they are on your slides! I know a lot of people that were taking them that were dark,crooked, blurry and even in the way when they snapped the pictures! They're all educational.

Keep up the good work and try not to run out of those slides!


Date: 11/18/12 18:17
Re: few more from "extras" boxes . .
Author: SD45X


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