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Date: 12/01/12 08:11
SP in the Cascades
Author: photobob

I took these two shots somewhere on SP's climb to Cascade Summit. The train had quite a mixture of cars with steel plates in gondolas to pigs and empty well cars. I sure do miss the SP when I look back on times like this. Somehow the new generation power just doesn't have the same sounds.

Robert Morris Photography

Date: 12/01/12 09:21
Re: SP in the Cascades
Author: Out_Of_Service

plus where are you going to find steel pigs and empty wells in one train these days ... nice catch Bob

Date: 12/01/12 09:27
Re: SP in the Cascades
Author: TCnR

Interesting to see a two unit helper, also interesting to see them pushing on a ToF.

The location reminds me of around Frazier, but also that cut between Cruzette and Abernathy. Closest name on the Google maps would be 'too Much Bear Lake'. There was a big clear cut a little down the hill. There was a dragger a little uphill from there as well. Take your pick.

Date: 12/01/12 19:19
Re: SP in the Cascades
Author: mococomike

P Bob, I'd love to see you post some dirty industrial San Francisco shots. You haven't done one of those in a while. Thx

Date: 12/01/12 22:10
Re: SP in the Cascades
Author: GN599

I think the UP should run manned helpers up there again. 99% of the southbounds coming into K Falls have to do a crew change, then pull down a train length and have the inbound crew hop on the DP consist and cut it off. Then they hang a fred or "tely" as they call it and find a place to park the DP consist. Sometimes they have 8 to 10 motors loafing around. Then a northbound crew has to pick them up and all that. It delays them quite a bit and us BNSF as well. I dont see how its cost effective as it ties up a lot of locomotives and man hours. I am sure the UP guys feel the same way and we are all just grunts so what do we know.

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