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Date: 12/12/12 11:38
San Francico MUNI 100th Anniversary
Author: KeyRouteKen

December 28, 2012 is the long-awaited 100th Anniversary of the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Does anyone know if, for this occasion, the MUNI will sponsor a "Grand Parade" of cars on Market Street ??
My vision of this would be to operate EVERY car under wire that runs in some fashion.
Regular cars, historic cars, maintenanance-of-way "Work Equipment", junky cars that still run... Whatever they can dig up out of the Carbarn...

If done right, this could be an unbelievable display of prototype traction equipment !!
What do you guys think ?



Date: 12/12/12 12:43
Re: San Francico MUNI 100th Anniversary
Author: hogantunnel

Sounds excellent to me, perhaps Mayor Lee will like it too!

Date: 12/12/12 15:36
Re: San Francico MUNI 100th Anniversary
Author: BobP

Me thinks that would be a big tourist draw. (read $$$ for local coffers)

Date: 12/12/12 16:56
Re: San Francico MUNI 100th Anniversary
Author: DNRY122

I already sent an e-mail to Mayor Lee--haven't seen a reply. The only plan I know of is that all Muni rides will be free on the 28th. I still remember opening day for the "F" line in 1995--I even wangled a ride on one of the VIP cars. The streetcar parade for that occasion included (as I recall) work motor C-1 and line car 0304, along with the restored PCCs in their "tribute" paint jobs. It may be that the "F" line is now so busy that Muni is reluctant to close down regular service long enough to run a parade.

Date: 12/13/12 07:04
Re: San Francico MUNI 100th Anniversary
Author: YG

I think its a great way to celebrate the occasion. Looking forward to coverage on TO if it happens.

Here's Red Arrow 1007 on 5/25/12.

Steve Mitchell

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