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Nostalgia & History > Above Cantara Loop July 1991

Date: 12/14/12 22:27
Above Cantara Loop July 1991
Author: photobob

One of the first trains to operate through Dunsmuir after the chemical spill was lead by three GP60's. The lower level of the track along the river can be seen to the left of the photo. I believe the fill the train is crossing was the location of a large trestle over Big Canyon. There was another trestle located over Big Canyon on the upper level also. Its kind of a neat piece of mountain railroading.

Robert Morris Photography

Date: 12/14/12 23:16
Re: Above Cantara Loop July 1991
Author: billmeeker

Nice angle there Bob. I believe that is very overgrown now.

Date: 12/15/12 01:01
Re: Above Cantara Loop July 1991
Author: Fizzboy7

Never knew such a photo location existed. As mentioned, I'm sure the trees are in the way today.
The train shown displays what looks like May Trucking trailers, part of the LAPCX program. I guess 1991 was the first year of it (?).

Date: 12/15/12 07:49
Re: Above Cantara Loop July 1991
Author: pummer

Great shot. It would be interesting to see the current view.

Date: 12/15/12 09:36
Re: Above Cantara Loop July 1991
Author: spdaylight

Another great shot from your collection . . . never have seen The Loop from this perspective before . . . . outstanding!


Date: 12/15/12 18:47
Re: Above Cantara Loop July 1991
Author: dmaffei

Great pic Photobob. In this old RJ Waters photo you can see the lower big canyon trestle as well as the hill you were standing on if you look close. Glad you took it while the trees were young. Only way this photo will come back is if we have a fire or some type of clear cutting program with the forest service.

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