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Date: 12/17/12 09:54
"Collision on the Key System"
Author: KeyRouteKen

In this photo, an Eastbound E-Line train, bound for the Hotel Claremont terminal, collided with a motorist along Linden Street. After wiping out the automobile, the whole neighborhood turned out to "get up close to the action". The lady with the little boy are way too close to the other operating tracks. Not a good safety thing!

Linden Street was the short PE 4-track imitation on the KEY.

Photo courtesy of John Harder.


Date: 12/17/12 13:09
Re: "Collision on the Key System"
Author: engine3420

Poor old 50 Chevy....if it hadn't been hit by that Key unit, it might have ended up a low rider.

Date: 12/17/12 14:09
Re: "Collision on the Key System"
Author: nycman

I think it's a '51, just like the one I learned to drive in.

Date: 12/17/12 18:48
Re: "Collision on the Key System"--yet more.
Author: stash

Many more collisions. Not uncommon on the Key System.

See the original post for additional mishap photos:

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Date: 12/20/12 19:14
Re: "Collision on the Key System"
Author: Gonut1

Or still running in Cuba!

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