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Date: 12/18/12 06:19
MGA Manor Branch
Author: qnyla

The shots of the NS MGA heritage unit on the Manor Branch on the Eastern Board made me nostalgic for the days when Super-7's worked the Manor Branch.

Here two Super-7's work as helpers on the Manor Branch.

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Date: 12/18/12 06:52
Re: MGA Manor Branch
Author: SP8595

What a Killer shot, Great colors all around!

Date: 12/18/12 07:35
Re: MGA Manor Branch
Author: wmfan3798

Outstanding photo John, I really miss those days


Date: 12/18/12 08:15
Re: MGA Manor Branch
Author: PasadenaSub

Great one, John. All the colors fall right in place.


Date: 12/18/12 13:59
Re: MGA Manor Branch
Author: rob_l


Best regards,

Rob L.

Date: 12/18/12 23:25
Re: MGA Manor Branch
Author: railwaybaron

Hey, isn't there a BENNER on the Cal-P west of Davis?

Date: 12/20/12 19:24
Re: MGA Manor Branch
Author: Gonut1

Love seeing the old hunchbacks before Conrail made them Ballast Express locos.

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