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Nostalgia & History > Then and Now on the "Not so Famous Joint Line"

Date: 06/28/13 21:11
Then and Now on the "Not so Famous Joint Line"
Author: WrongMain

We all know about the famous "Joint LIne" in Colorado. There's another joint line in Illinois which can provide just about as much traffic, but doesn't get the same publicity. It's the joint trackage of CSX and UP between Dolton and Villa Grove, IL. Previous tenants were the Missouri Pacific and the L&N which had split the Chicago & Eastern Illinois back in the 70's. The UP got the MP (or the other way around) and CSX got the L&N. Glenwood, IL is just a few miles south of Dolton and has a great curve on the south end of town which provided some nice views. There is a highway which follows the tracks all the way between Glenwood and Chicago Heights which lent itself to railfanning the line. I hadn't been there to shoot trains in years and never noticed how much the "flora and fauna" has taken over. You can't even see the tracks from the road anymore and the overgrowth has eliminated several views. I thought I'd post an example.

1. L&N B23-7 5120, in Family Lines guise, smokes it up with a southbound as it rounds "Johnson's Curve." You can see the road in the background. You can't get any decent shots from this side of the tracks today. Photo taken Oct 24, 1978

2. CSX's version of the same train, Q649 comes round the curve with an ES44DC on the point. I like greenery, but really.....

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