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Date: 05/15/16 15:17
Muni #1190 then-Now
Author: lamta_jay

While I was still working, some of my accounts were in the
​Kansas City Area. Then I read somewhere Kansas City
put a PCC car on display at the Union Station in Kansas City.

​The article said the PCC car came from a California Railway
Museum and it had started life in Kansas City. That car was
Muni # 1190.

​Here are 3 shots of the car that made it back home to where
it started service. I just don't know what the KCTS number was,

#1.....Lee Meyers shot it in 1979
​#2.....I shot  it at the Western Railway Museum at Rio Vista Jct,
#3.....My friend in KC Tony Stanislav shot it in 2013.

​What a ride !  Thanks for looking


Date: 05/15/16 17:03
Re: Muni #1190 then-Now
Author: norm1153

#1 In 1978 at the very end of trackage on Taravel.  The other PCC was in service, and the operator used his layover time to come down and pose for photos. That's a stub end track.  1190 first made the Zoo loop, then backed down the stub track.   #2 same charter, but... 

Fun times had by all.  Not possible now, more's the pity.


Date: 05/15/16 20:41
Re: Muni #1190 then-Now
Author: PHall

Now that Kansas City has street cars again, maybe they can restore her back to service?

Date: 05/15/16 21:13
Re: Muni #1190 then-Now
Author: wag216

this car started as KCPS 551. wag216

Date: 05/15/16 22:27
Re: Muni #1190 then-Now
Author: norm1153

Kansas City,
San Francisco,
and back to Kansas City.

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