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Date: 05/15/16 15:38
For Mr.Refarkas
Author: retcsxcfm

See below.
I thought you might like this.

Uncle Joe,Seffner,Fl.

Date: 05/15/16 15:43
Re: For Mr.Refarkas
Author: Lackawanna484


No overhead electric wires

Date: 05/15/16 15:48
Re: For Mr.Refarkas
Author: refarkas

Thanks for posting this. You caught it as Lackawanna 813. That goes back even farther than my images. She certainly did look great.

Date: 05/15/16 17:10
Re: For Mr.Refarkas
Author: rbenko

Definitely Buffalo

I color-corrected and cleaned it up a bit.  Neat shot - I haven't seen many from Buffalo in the Lackawanna era (although this could be early EL).  

The train sheds in Buffalo still exist, albeit without tracks - the lower level is used as Buffalo Metro's storage facility - check it out below on Google Maps:

Google Maps link

Date: 05/16/16 04:57
Re: For Mr.Refarkas
Author: JPB

Excellent photo! NKP also used this station, no?

Here's a 1971 aerial view: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFTA_Rail_Maintenance_Yard#/media/File:Lackawanna_Terminal_Buffalo_LOC_HAER_116325.jpg

And a 1963 aerial view from the opposite end: http://i.imgur.com/sUyaxgg.jpg

From an NKP-DL&W passenger train perspective, was this terminal stub ended? According to June 1954 Official Guide, DL&W trains 2 (Pocono Express) and 5 (Twilight) interchanged Hoboken from/to Detroit Pullman cars with NYC 44 (New York Special) and NYC 47 (The Detroiter), respectively. Did NYC train run via the DL&W terminal using the through tracks that headed toward Black Rock, Ft Erie, etc?

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Date: 05/16/16 07:54
Re: For Mr.Refarkas
Author: aehouse

JPB Wrote:

> From an NKP-DL&W passenger train perspective, was
> this terminal stub ended?

It was stub-ended.  Closed in October 1962 and what pasenger service remained was relocated to a spartan facility at remote 515 Bacock Street, essentially a cinder block yard office with some passenger space.  NKP (by then N&W) passenger service ended in September 1965; the last EL passenger trains in June 1969.

Art House

Date: 05/16/16 13:20
Re: For Mr.Refarkas
Author: rbenko

Found a great site with lots of pictures of the dilapidated station:

Lackawanna Terminal, Buffalo, NY

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