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Nostalgia & History > CSX & RF&P Locals at Dowsell, VA - 1989

Date: 01/05/17 11:45
CSX & RF&P Locals at Dowsell, VA - 1989
Author: RFandPFan

CSX Piedmont Subdivision and RF&P local trains at Doswell,VA on July 21, 1989.

CSX interchanged local traffic with the RF&P at Doswell and the RF&P had trackage rights on the CSX Piedmont Subdivision to service the nearby Bear Island Paper Mill.

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Date: 01/05/17 12:23
Re: CSX & RF&P Locals at Dowsell, VA - 1989
Author: chessie2101

Great video from a time when CSX's variety made it more fun to watch.

I replayed the part where the crewman boarded the locomotive while it was moving. This used to be widely accepted, but is now against operating rules on most roads, correct? Seems efficient if you know how to do it correctly.

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Jared Hamilton
Scott Depot, WV

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