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Date: 01/10/17 07:38
BN Northtown Yard 1986
Author: GBW309

From a July, 1986 trip to the twin cities.  Interesting motive power on the hump and hanging around the diesel shop.  I remember that they were load testing the SD45.  Listening to that 20 cylinder, in run 8, under a load was amazing!. Also, I believe this was before the rebuilding of the GP 30's had started so that should be a real EMD GP30?


Date: 01/10/17 08:44
Re: BN Northtown Yard 1986
Author: ntharalson

If they were load testing the SD45, which I do not doubt, it
was almost the end of this model on the BN. And yes, that's a
real GP30, ex-CB&Q.

The hump power is interesting also. Two GN SD9's sandwiching
a rebult GP9B. These replaced F7B's that had been on the hump
for several years. The SD9's would get SD24 replacements for
a while but that didn't work too well. The "GP9B's" got
replaced by the rebuilt from SD9 TEBU6's, which I believe are
still in service, mostly, on the BNSF.

Thanks for posting.

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 01/10/17 11:44
Re: BN Northtown Yard 1986
Author: Dilworth

great shots

Date: 01/10/17 13:00
Re: BN Northtown Yard 1986
Author: ns2557

Man that shot of the 2226 looks fantastic. Very Clean, crisp.  Thanks for sharing. Ben

Date: 01/10/17 16:24
Re: BN Northtown Yard 1986
Author: elu34ch

Picture 1 has a whole-lotta-railroad-goin-on. Tracks on the hillside and crossing over yard. Great stuff

Date: 01/10/17 16:47
Re: BN Northtown Yard 1986
Author: BNModeler

Boy what I would have done 30 years ago to get those roof shots! AMAZING!!!!
More, more more......

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