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Nostalgia & History > L&N stop near Belleville, IL?

Date: 01/25/17 15:17
L&N stop near Belleville, IL?
Author: CameronConnection

I'm consistently amazed at the wealth of knowledge and beautiful photos posted here on the nostalgia board, but here's perhaps a difficult request. 

Does anyone have any information/anecdotes/pictures/anything about the Rentchler, Illinois station/stop on the Louisville and Nashville line between St. Louis and Evansville, Indiana (between Belleville and Mascoutah, Illinois).

My grandparent's farm is located a mile or so south of her and have distinct memory of hearing train horns in the 80s as a child so I believe it was active then. The rail is all gone now and I know in the 90s there was talk of a rail-trail (successfully defeated by neighbors IIRC). If that's right, then:
- When was the line abandoned? 
- When did it last see passenger service? 
- Has anyone ever been to the now-closed tavern in a possibly old railroad building -- I believe just called The Station or Rentchler Tavern?  When did it close?  


Date: 01/26/17 17:12
Re: L&N stop near Belleville, IL?
Author: MILW16

The L&N Line out of East St. Louis was abandoned in the late 1980s - I want to say 1988.  If I remember right Rentchler was just a siding by then - the first one east of Belleville. It was abandoned to Mt. Vernon, IL

The L&N out of east St. Louis to Belleville is now the route of Metrolink light rail.

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