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Nostalgia & History > Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.

Date: 03/18/17 07:06
Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.
Author: SP2778

SP 4612  with the former Pac. Elec. "Arrowhead Springs" water train on Mt.View St. in San Bernardino crossing the former ATSF Redlands Loop line on Dec. 24, 1956.
(8mm film by Barney Root).

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Date: 03/18/17 08:49
Re: Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.
Author: wigwag

Thats the same SW8 that pulled the former SP 5021 out of Pomona in 1961. Its still around to this day too!

Date: 03/18/17 09:07
Re: Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.
Author: kilroydiver

Cool video, thanks for posting. There was an article on the Arrowhead branch and water trains a few years ago in the Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society magazine, the Trainline. Neat to see some video of a train.


Date: 03/18/17 10:57
Re: Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.
Author: Westbound

Very rare film! I relate to the boy on the bicycle- don't we all want to be him, pacing the train?

Date: 03/18/17 12:06
Re: Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.
Author: wag

This was at the time of initial dismantleing of Santa Fe's Redlands loop branch.  Breaking the loop between Highland Jct. and Del Rosa.  Wag.

Date: 03/19/17 17:45
Re: Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.
Author: sphauler

Fantastic video! Thanks again for posting such treasures.  I frequently drive across Electric Ave and always imagine seeing trains running down the line.

San Berdoo


Date: 03/27/17 19:24
Re: Switcher Saturday- Sou. Pac.
Author: RailRat

Thank You for posting this!!,I ran up and down Mt.View a thousand times doing pest control route here for 5 years until 2014, always wondered about a few little old, silver traffic control (fixtures?) still there, at a few intersections, Assumed they were for long gone trolly service?,had no idea until now!..still looking at your videos as time allows!..keep em coming!

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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