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Date: 03/20/17 12:20
New SP SD70M's
Author: Mr-Beechcroft

Two new units lead a westbound over Mud Creek north of Chico, Ca. on SP's East Valley Line back in November of 1994.

Date: 03/20/17 12:58
Re: New SP SD70M's
Author: MartyBernard

Good looking locomotives.  Thanks for showing us this photo of them.


Date: 03/20/17 13:31
Re: New SP SD70M's
Author: BoilingMan

I remember when these new units first showed up on The Hill.  I was impressed- 4 Wings!

Date: 03/21/17 03:21
Re: New SP SD70M's
Author: GN599

Looks like they have a Cadillac behind them to show those youngsters a thing or two.

Date: 03/22/17 11:11
Re: New SP SD70M's
Author: coach

I remember reading these were well-received by the engineers operating them.  Did they come with desktop, or AAR control stands?

Date: 03/23/17 11:28
Re: New SP SD70M's
Author: sp3204

These units came with desktop control stands. What thrilled us were the working air condituioners! What took some getting used to for
an SP hoghead were switching with them. Eight foot arms would have helped, mine didn't quite reach that far.

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