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Nostalgia & History > Sou. Pac. San Timoteo Canyon.

Date: 04/20/17 06:37
Sou. Pac. San Timoteo Canyon.
Author: SP2778

El Casco Dec.23, 1991.
SSW 9629 East-VMV 8905-SSW 7600-7653.
Headend Helper. SSW 9626-SP 9605-SSW 9692.

At Pershing Helper cuts off.

(Bob Sinclair video).

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Date: 04/20/17 10:04
Re: Sou. Pac. San Timoteo Canyon.
Author: cewherry

Interesting the 6 green boxes with BN reporting marks but no logo's. I wonder where they
came from?

Thanks Bob!


Date: 04/20/17 20:29
Re: Sou. Pac. San Timoteo Canyon.
Author: RailRat

Great Video, and nice job on the transfer (from VHS to Digital,I assume?) Thanks for showing all your local (for me) films and vids, really hits home, since I grew up in Highgrove,Calif.

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

Date: 04/21/17 02:45
Re: Sou. Pac. San Timoteo Canyon.
Author: Fizzboy7

Very impressive, as usual. That was probably the one and only time such a consist was ever put together by the SP.
Doesn't seem a like a long train, probably a shade overpowered with the helpers.
The all green BN cars were norm for that time. Late 80's BN went cheap and started repainting freight cars all green with no logo. It lasted a bit, then they added the logo back but I believe with a stripe underneath it. That was the final scheme before the merger.

Date: 04/21/17 09:21
Re: Sou. Pac. San Timoteo Canyon.
Author: ble692

You actually got SP 7600, not SSW 7600. It is one of the 3 GP40P-2 units.

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