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Date: 04/20/17 13:44
Roger Was Lucky
Author: MartyBernard

From the first photo it looks like Roger Puta didn't advance the film far enough before he took the first shot. Somehow he got lucky and the subject was way off center. The slide mount is actually numbered "0". The subject was Grand River Railway Steeple Cab 230. Roger did this in September 1963. Picture 2 is my fix.

Wikipedia says, "The Grand River Railway was an electric railway in what is now the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, in Southwestern Ontario."

Lucky Roger,
Marty Bernard

Date: 04/20/17 14:22
Re: Roger Was Lucky
Author: refarkas

An "A+" fix.

Date: 04/20/17 15:04
Re: Roger Was Lucky
Author: kgmontreal

A rare shot indeed.


Date: 04/20/17 15:20
Re: Roger Was Lucky
Author: LarryDoyle

Nice re-touch of a nice lookin' unit Marty. Would someone care to tell me what makes this thing go? No trolley pole? Is there trolley wire in overhead above it?


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Date: 04/20/17 15:44
Re: Roger Was Lucky
Author: MartyBernard

Looks to me what makes it go is another (diesel) locomotive. Roger took this in September 1963 and freight service had been dieselized on October 1, 1961.


Date: 04/20/17 18:34
Re: Roger Was Lucky
Author: Gateway97

That thing has more scare stripes than you can shake a stick at.

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