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Nostalgia & History > Milwaukee Road Iowa Division Feb 5 1973

Date: 02/13/18 10:03
Milwaukee Road Iowa Division Feb 5 1973
Author: MILW86A

Some train information from a Disaptcher Sheet from Perry Iowa Feb 5th 1973. Hope you enjoy.

WESTWARDHi Wide Special: CF 1015pm(At Perry??) with Stewart and Peoples. 543 268. Train shows departing at Atkins at 446Am, by Keystone 525am, Tama Tower 615am, Haverhill 659am. The hi wide is to go to Des Moines, so lite power from Woodward Jct to Perry. Show arriving Perry 920am. tied up 950am...61: CF 930am at Savanna. A Mangler and Wallace. 2033 2071 1504. 36-18. Departed Savanna 947am. Green Island 1027am. Indian Creek 1210pm. 15 min at Louisa to inspect PRR 255936. West Atkins 1240. Tama Tower 128pm. Maxwell 217pm, and into Perry 310pm. Crew tied up 405pm.63: CF 730pm at Savanna Cotton Mead and Petersen crew. 2037 2019 1510. Out of Savanna 59-46 838pm. Green Island 905pm to 1000pm showing 82-54 out of there. Marion 1232 am to 117am showing 38-36 out of there. Atkins 138am, Tama Tower 228am, Collins 320am to 335am to meet 62, into Perry 420am Crew tied up at 5am.EASTWARD62: CF Perry 1245am with Mead and Petersen(Same crew worked back west on 63). 2034 2067 1510. Out of Perry 120am with 50-44. Meet 63 at Collins then 15 min delay getting off the siding there. Tama Tower 349am, Atkins 451am, Marion 556am, picks up 20-9 there, now 70-53. Green Island 747am into Savanna 817am, crew tied up 915am.KD Turn: CF 10pm(At Savanna??) with Weibinga and Seymour. 304 72C? 320 100A 986 288. Picks up 49-7 Easterns at Atkins. Depart Atkins 548am. 40 min delay at the Cedar River Bridge Inspect at Louisa for a bad train line. Shows departing there 716am. Departs Marion 743am after more inspecting, now showing 79-23. Green Island 938am, Sabula Bridge 957 and died on the Island. Crew tied up 10am.64: CF 335pm at Perry with Harold Westphal and Reinheimer?? 1500 1506 2014. Depart Perry 405pm, Collins 503pm, Tama Tower 554pm Atkins 659pm, Marion 745pm although 10 min to inspect dragging equipment. Green Island 938pm, Samoa 957pm 15 min to set out and into Savanna 1015pm tied up 11pm.

Date: 02/13/18 18:09
Re: Milwaukee Road Iowa Division Feb 5 1973
Author: BigSkyBlue

Fantastic summary of what I would call some excellent railroading. Track was deteriorating, power was getting questionable, and yet, with meets, set outs, pick ups, and train problems, everything got over the road with no dogcatches. (A Savanna yard crew could easily get the train at Sabula).

Thanks for posting this excellent piece of Milwaukee history. BSB

Date: 02/13/18 18:46
Re: Milwaukee Road Iowa Division Feb 5 1973
Author: Milwaukee

Great stuff. Please share more if you have some.

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