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Nostalgia & History > Conrail action along the Hudson

Date: 07/09/18 10:23
Conrail action along the Hudson
Author: Krokodil

Conrail SD60I 5602 winds its way north along the Hudson long hood forward with an autorack train, just south of the Marlboro, NY yacht club. The defective lead unit had to be set out at the Steele's shipyard in Newburgh. After watching the lead unit SD60M 5566 being taken off, I proceed to Marlboro, just in time to catch the hotshot TVLA with its red marker lights lit up, at track speed snaking around the cliffs at the abandonned quarry.   A short while its followed by the Autorack train. The full video sequences can be watched on my youknowwhattube channel under Conrail Hudson River Line 1998 around 31'.

Picture 1: CR SD60I 5602 north bound at Marlboro NY

Picture 2: CR SD60M 5566 being taken off in Newburgh NY

Thomas Eckhardt
Hurricane Utah

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Date: 07/10/18 04:48
Re: Conrail action along the Hudson
Author: RGDave

Cool Stuff!


Date: 07/10/18 05:58
Re: Conrail action along the Hudson
Author: CR5502

The SD60M and SD60I were always my favorite Conrail locomotive from a visual standpoint. Great photos and video of a rare move. Thanks for sharing!

Date: 07/10/18 13:08
Re: Conrail action along the Hudson
Author: mstlouie

Nice capture, however no headlight on the rear of the new leader on the suto train is a sure decert! Whatever happened to checking out your consist before any movement.....

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