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Nostalgia & History > mundo: Depot Friday - AT&SF Upland, CA

Date: 09/14/18 02:53
mundo: Depot Friday - AT&SF Upland, CA
Author: Evan_Werkema

Upland was home to another Santa Fe Mission Style replacement for an old wooden depot in Southern California.  The station was built to plans similar to the ones used at Corona, Orange, and Santa Ana.  According to Santa Fe Coast Lines Depots - Los Angeles Division, the Upland depot opened in 1937 and closed as an agency in 1978, a year before Ed Von Nordeck (TO user mundo) recorded the first view below.  Looks like the railroad may still have had an operator on hand in December 1979, as the train order signal heads, a pair of colorlight signals with the yellow position blanked, are still facing the tracks.

After Santa Fe was done with the depot, it was sold into private ownership.  In the late 90's, it was Yesterday's Oak Depot, a furniture store.  Today it houses Pacific Wine Merchants, a craft beer, wine, and cigar establishment. Metrolink trains on the San Bernardino Line still stop at the platforms out front.  The second view is my shot from about a week ago.

Date: 09/14/18 08:05
Re: mundo: Depot Friday - AT&SF Upland, CA
Author: timz

Odd about the TO signal-- 10/79 timetable shows no operator, far as I can see.

Date: 09/14/18 08:50
Re: mundo: Depot Friday - AT&SF Upland, CA
Author: PHall

Azusa still had it's Train Order signal long after the operator was gone too.

Date: 09/14/18 10:26
Re: TO signal
Author: timz

So the signal has to be lit green? If it's dark,
not turned sideways, do trains have to stop?

Date: 09/14/18 10:33
Re: TO signal
Author: PHall

Green signal - no orders
Red signal - orders
Signal dark - office closed

Date: 09/14/18 11:41
Re: TO signal
Author: colehour

Nice to see that the station is looking better than ever, and it seems to have retained most of its original architectural features. 

Thanks for the photos!

Date: 09/14/18 12:34
Re: TO signal
Author: BCHellman

PHall Wrote:
> Green signal - no orders
> Red signal - orders
> Signal dark - office closed

What rule book did this come from? The arrangement of "Signal dark - office closed" would be counter to a fail-safe operation should orders be posted and a lamp fails. And it doesn't agree with  Rule 221 from the 1966 Rule Book " Train Order Signals must be fastened at 'proceed' when no operator on duty."  If the office was permenantly closed and out of service for the purposes of sending train orders, the TO signal would either be removed, turned, or bagged. It's possible a GO would state that it's out of service, but probably only for short time before the Signal Dept put the TO signal out of service.

In October of 1979 Azusa was listed as an open office.


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