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Nostalgia & History > CR/WM/B&O/D&H June 1978

Date: 03/14/19 09:47
CR/WM/B&O/D&H June 1978
Author: ns2557

Some more shots from June 1978.  All in the HBG/Rutherford/Enola area.

Shot 1.  They looked good in CR Blue. Here is what appears to be a rather freshly painted CR C636, the 6782, at Enola on May 29 1978.

Shot 2..   I think Road Job may have been with me again when I got this shot at Enola. CR U30C 6539 with CR U30B 2852 and CR SW1200 9337. They were over on the WB Departure Yard behind the Hump Twr here. Didn't see many of the ex Pennsy U30C's around here from my memory. PC had 5 ex Pennsy U30C's, 6535-6539. The 6520-6534 were at first U28C's that I think were upgraded by PC or PRR to U30C., But these were the true as built U30C's on the system.

Shot 3.  PC SD45 6239 has borrowed SEPTA FP7A 4372 on this SB into Enola over at KW Yard Rockville Pa om June 4 1978.  This is of course the Buffalo Line of ex PC/PRR.

A few more follow.....   Beb

Date: 03/14/19 10:04
Re: CR/WM/B&O/D&H June 1978
Author: ns2557

Next 3..

Shot 4  B&O GP40 3714 in Chessie Colors leads an EB Coal Load coming in off the Lurgan Branch into Rutherford Pa. June 11 1978.  (TO's Roadjob was with me when we shot this one also)

Shot 5. CR GP30 2248 & 2249 work a train over Conodoguinet Creek at West Fairview Pa on a nice June 4 1978 afternoon.  That's an attention getter cliff view from this spot. Almost a straight down drop mere fett in front of me.

Shot 6.  D&H U23B's 2308 and 2312 on a SB off the Buffalo Line at KW Yard in Rockville Pa  May 29 1978.

One more to go...

Date: 03/14/19 10:06
Re: CR/WM/B&O/D&H June 1978
Author: ns2557

Last one. Fellow TO'er Roadjob was with me when I got this shot of the WM 7154 and 5 others as they head south thru the small burb of Paxtang Pa which is basically Harrisburg Pa. I83 would be to the right in shot. Just gettin going from Rutherford and headed south down the Lurgan Branch for Hagerstown Md and points west from there.

Thanks for looking.  Ben

Date: 03/14/19 10:11
Re: CR/WM/B&O/D&H June 1978
Author: King_Coal

Gotta say the freight with the Septa (ex-Reading, sigh) FP7A is an attention getter!

Another nice volley of prime photos.

Date: 03/14/19 14:54
Re: CR/WM/B&O/D&H June 1978
Author: perklocal

Nice assortment of shots. What the heck was that Septa FP7 doing on the Buffalo Line?!!!!  I hope somebody can answer that one.  Thanks for posting this great batch !

Date: 03/14/19 16:50
Re: CR/WM/B&O/D&H June 1978
Author: CNW8531

Gotta love that classic power! Great stuff!

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