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Date: 07/10/19 19:22
Waycar Wednesday
Author: overniteman

Former Lehigh Valley N-5G 95023 is on display @ Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

September, 1988

Date: 07/10/19 19:32
Re: Waycar Wednesday
Author: overniteman

Chessie System (CSX) 903951 brings up the rear of the Tropicana Orange Juice train as it clears Port Reading Junction.
It's just come up from Philadelphia on Conrail's Trenton line and is now on the Lehigh line.

Manville, New Jersey.
February, 1988. 


Date: 07/10/19 19:45
Re: Waycar Wednesday
Author: overniteman

New York & Greenwood Lake C340 is ex-Conrail, exx-EL..

Suffern, New York.
August, 1994.

Date: 07/10/19 19:50
Re: Waycar Wednesday
Author: overniteman

Burlington Northern 10727 @ Colorado Springs, Colorado.

August, 1989.

Date: 07/10/19 19:52
Re: Waycar Wednesday
Author: overniteman

Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines N5 225 @ Camden, New Jersey.

May, 1975

Date: 07/10/19 21:07
Re: Waycar Wednesday
Author: SCKP187

Nice review. I hope you can show more in the future.  Really a part of railroading that I miss.  Being the appropriate end of train device, I think it is neat that cabooses/waycars/vans were not cookie-cutter standardized by the industry----each road seemed to have theit own shape and design for their given territory.
Brian Stevens

Date: 07/11/19 09:33
Re: Waycar Wednesday
Author: P

Love the cabooses, but also really like the orange Tropicana cars! Those look a lot better than the white ones they currently use.

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