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Nostalgia & History > Signal Sunday: PRR Middle Division

Date: 07/21/19 08:34
Signal Sunday: PRR Middle Division
Author: King_Coal

I made a little trip down memory lane with a college friend a few weeks ago. It resulted in an opportunity for a before (1974) and after (July 2019) photo comparison looking west off the depot platform at Lewistown, PA. Both photos shot in my prevailing railfan weather: rain.  Results shown.

I miss the PRR PL signals.....



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Date: 07/21/19 08:54
Re: Signal Sunday: PRR Middle Division
Author: gcm

Nice comparison but like you, certainly miss the old signals.

Date: 07/21/19 09:40
Re: Signal Sunday: PRR Middle Division
Author: SCKP187

Really like the comparisons.  So much has changed--power, commodity, trees and signals---at least there is still a small amount of jointed rail present.
Brian Stevens

Date: 07/21/19 11:03
Re: Signal Sunday: PRR Middle Division
Author: santafe199

Great then & now look! I remember when I was a grade school kid in the early 1960s seeing an old PRR calendar (by artist Grif Teller?) at my Grandma's house in Abilene, KS. I remember being fascinated with the Pennsy keystone emblem and a pale headlight on a round nose which was most likely a GG-1. So without ever being anywhere near the property I've always had a great shine for the Pennsylvania Railroad! And in later years I was amused to discover the PRR had an operating division with the same name as my Santa Fe train service employment division. Of course, the PRR Middle Division may have been kinda-sort just wee bit of a scosh more famous than my Santa Fe's Middle Division... ;^)


Date: 07/21/19 18:31
Re: Signal Sunday: PRR Middle Division
Author: RuleG

One thing that hasn't changed - Black locomotives with white markings.

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