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Date: 07/21/19 20:16
Early D&H GP39-2's
Author: ns2557

At CR's inception the D&H garnered alot of trackage rights. One of those was the line down to Enola Pa and then to Pot Yard in the Washington DC area. I lived along the way in Harrisburg Pa and got to witness the arrival of the D&H in the area. At least one train a day both way's is how things began and that was the "Paper Train" or symbol RW6.  The GP39-2's were quite common down this way as the years went by. D&H received 7601-7620 new from EMD and Ex RDG 3401-3420 which became D&H 7401-7420. Here are 3 from those times.

Shot 1.  D&H GP39-2 7611 leads an ex LV GP38-2 7321 and a D&H U23B on the SB daily train into Enola. Here it sits at KW Yard at Rockville Pa on the CR Buffalo Line as it waits for traffic to clear or a track to open in Enola.  Should be the RW6

Shot 2.  D&H GP39-2 7617 at Enola Pa waiting to go the opposite direction across the Rockville ridge. July 13 1977.

Shot 3.  D&H GP39-2 7420. This is one of the ex RDG that D&H received at the CR merger.  Rockville and KW Yard on the Buffalo Line  03-17-1979.

Date: 07/22/19 08:51
Re: Early D&H GP39-2's
Author: SP8595

Nice images! That was such a Great paint scheme.

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