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Date: 07/21/19 21:21
Working the Birthday . . .
Author: SCKP187

It's been too hot to go out and chase trains this week for current photos (still 100* heat index in Tulsa at 1101p tonight), and today would have been my Dad's 97th birthday, I thought I would just get into his Conductor's Books and see if he worked any July 21s

His first book, his 7th trip after being a promoted Conductor July 21 1954.  Even back then the older hogheads had to deal with young Conductors, but at least they had nearly 7 years seniority before being a promoted Conductor

Called for 1000a
Power on 1033a---he didn't indicate the engine but I am assuming it was steam UP #477 (that sits in the park in Salina) based on his trips the previous days
Depart Salina KS 1045a Trn #158 east with 66 cars

At Solomon MP 172  1110a-1201p---set out 5 cars and clear up for #79 and #17

At Abilene  MP 164 1225p-435p---set out 10 cars, pick up 3 and clear up for #39 and #70 and also go to beans and take on water

Arrived Junction City KS  515p 50-4-3609 and tied up 535p for a 7'35" on duty trip

1954 was before any kind of hotel agreement so the night was spent in the caboose with a bedroll on a spring frame awaiting call time the next morning.

Thanks for looking
Brian Stevens

Date: 07/21/19 21:51
Re: Working the Birthday . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

Really cool recollections. There is not a railroader alive that has not worked his or her birthday, unless a very new hire.

Date: 07/21/19 22:24
Re: Working the Birthday . . .
Author: AmHog

When I first hired in at Penn Central your birthday was a holiday. You could work it for time and one half. Most people did. We traded the birthday holiday for another holiday later on, perhaps Christmas Eve.

Date: 07/21/19 22:49
Re: Working the Birthday . . .
Author: Ritzville

Interesting narrative Brian. We got paid time and a half for birthday.


Date: 07/22/19 08:05
Re: Working the Birthday . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

Interesting, now that it has been mentioned, I "believe" on Santa Fe we got time and a half for our birthday as well or day off with pay?

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