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Nostalgia & History > UP Gay Mine Job, Idaho 8-20-1992 Part 3.2

Date: 08/08/19 22:58
UP Gay Mine Job, Idaho 8-20-1992 Part 3.2
Author: RailRat

Still at 9 mile, the engines have separated from the original block of hoppers, and attaches to more cars on the siding, moves them ahead, and then backs them up, into to thier original train sitting on the main, before proceeding up to the Gay Mine. Then the air is set on the trian, I noticed during close-up of the hopper cars sitting at the crossing, the brake cylinder action, visible on the hopper car on the right, while I was fast-forwarding the video, plus you can hear the air, and the brakes on the cars re-acting.

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

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