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Nostalgia & History > A few from Caliente in 1991

Date: 09/10/19 14:45
A few from Caliente in 1991
Author: ns2557

Made a trip down to Tehachapi from the Bay Area a few times when I lived in the San Jose/Mountain View Ca area back in 1990/1991. Tried to spread the varity around at different places at that. Usually left the Bay Arealate afternoon early evening and would get down to the Loop region real early in the am. These 3 are from a trip on August 3 1991 when I spent a night and most of the next day near and around the Caliente Ca area.

Shot 1. ATSF B40-8W 556 is EB at Caliente. I am west of the town here back along the tracks. Usually pitched a tent close by and at night just watched and listened and when it became light enough to start shooting, I expended a few rolls from Kodak on what I saw. This was when the new revived "Warbonnet Paint" was being re-introduced. I did see quite a few as in the shots from this day

Shot 2. ATSF GP60M 131 leads what I have in my notes was the 199 train. This one had 2 60M's, a 60B and a B40-8W. All Red and Silver. Looked real nice.

Shot 3.  SP GP40M-2 7116 and 3 with a WB early am train. My notes say this is the LABRF,

Sure enjoyed those visits down here along the rails. Not many spots left where ya can do it anymore without garnering the attention of the RR or police.
Thanks for looking, take care all, be safe.   Ben

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Date: 09/10/19 15:12
Re: A few from Caliente in 1991
Author: MartyBernard

Sure like the lighting in photos 2 and 3.     Marty

Date: 09/10/19 20:35
Re: A few from Caliente in 1991
Author: atsf121

Very nice, sure miss those days.

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