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Date: 11/08/19 18:51
Hazy Warbonnets
Author: overniteman

ATSF GE C40-8W 860 leads more red / silver thru a haze filled Cajon Pass.

May, 1995

Date: 11/08/19 19:22
Re: Hazy Warbonnets
Author: Ritzville

Really NICE looking warbonnet shot!


Date: 11/08/19 20:10
Re: Hazy Warbonnets
Author: refarkas

That haze makes for an interesting background.

Date: 11/09/19 07:27
Re: Hazy Warbonnets
Author: cabman

Maybe they had wildfires in those days too!  If so, not a particularly good way to set up a wonderful picture.

Date: 11/09/19 10:32
Re: Hazy Warbonnets
Author: PHall

Looks like good old "June Gloom" to me. Happens pretty much every year.

Date: 11/10/19 19:40
Re: Hazy Warbonnets
Author: atsf121

Looks like a new SD75M in the fourth spot.  Nice photo!

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