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Nostalgia & History > I sure could use a train! (vol #24)

Date: 01/13/20 10:38
I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: santafe199

Here’s a sort of companion shot to my Signal Sunday shot posted yesterday on the Nostalgia forum. This is current KYLE (regional) Ry trackage at Flagler, CO which used to be the Rock Island’s main line between Omaha & points in Colorado, a fact I failed to mention yesterday.

Even though I never got an opportunity to shoot any Rock Island subjects here, this will always be the good old Rock Island to me. In very much the same way you can hear a multitude of railfans say that AT&SF trackage within the current BNSF “will always be the Santa Fe” to them (us). This is the second time I’ve passed through Flagler to/from home on some railfan mission. And I really like the scene presented here. I can only imagine a typical mixed bag consist of Rock Island power roaring around this curve with that impressive agricultural backdrop gracing the shot. I am 100% sure I’ve seen others’ photos from this same spot. And I’ll even go on a limb and I say I’ve seen a painting or some kind of artwork depicting this same location. And if I read an old (1948) Rock Island passenger timetable correctly train #7, the “Rocky Mountain Rocket” would be passing through Flagler in late afternoon/early evening times. Plenty of light in the summertime to shoot this same perspective, I’d say! I sure could use one of those trains in this scene. Sigh………

1. Looking east from the Julian Avenue crossing in Flagler, CO on November 27, 2019.

Thanks for looking anyway!
Lance Garrels

Date: 01/13/20 12:11
Re: I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: tehachapifan

I like the photo as-is! Coveys a certain mood or aesthetic that might otherwise be lost.


Date: 01/13/20 12:29
Re: I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: refarkas

You might title this "Anticipation". 
Great view. The train would totally change the scene.

Date: 01/13/20 12:45
Re: I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: valmont

You didn't see the small engine behind that small clump of trees? ; >)

I agree, it's a fine shot, train or not!!!

Date: 01/13/20 21:23
Re: I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: rrman6

Lance, how cold was it when you got this shot?  Above the righthand set of grain tanks I see the American flag flying in "full bloom" with was appears as a typical High Plains Kansas/Colorado southerly wind.  With that snow and wind I can't imagine much warmth at that moment.  Nice shot here and just missing #7 with its last crew from Goodland, KS, even in the full sun.

Date: 01/14/20 04:48
Re: I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: Roadjob

Don't always need a train. I think this shot is very effective as a scene setter. I like it lots!

Bill Rettberg
Bel Air, MD
commercial photography

Date: 01/14/20 14:08
Re: I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: santafe199

Thanks for all the good words, guys! Much appreciated. The more I think about it, the more sure I am of having seen a photo and/or artwork from here at Flagler some time in the past...

rrman6 Wrote: >  ... Lance, how cold was it ...
Oh heck... I'll bet it was a toasty mid-to-upper 70s. (IN MY RIG, that is... ;^) I shot this scene from the driver's seat. But I did have make the effort to roll the (power) window down......

On a more serious note: I'm thinking it never got much higher than the mid 20s. Lots of snow & ice on I-70 coming out of Denver. But that thinned out, and was almost all gone by the time I reached Salina...


Date: 01/14/20 15:56
Re: I sure could use a train! (vol #24)
Author: Prophoto

Not this painting probably, since it claims to be a Twin Star Rocket but it sure looks like  Kansas.

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