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Nostalgia & History > 1990's: MOW along the Lehigh Line

Date: 01/14/20 11:37
1990's: MOW along the Lehigh Line
Author: Pattenburg

Maintenance of Way along CR's LEHL also provided a nice change of pace from photographing CR's trains. I always felt a certain amount of compassion who had to do those jobs such as ballast cleaning or rail grinding in the summer due to being such dirty and noisy jobs. These three images were taken between Pattenburg Tunnel (MP 64) and CP West Portal (MP 66) between 1994 to 1997.
Photo 1: Cleaning the ballast at the east end of Pattenburg Tunnel was definitely a dirty job on this hot and humid June day in 1995.
Photo 2: Sparks are flying as a Pandrol-Jackson rail grinder, symbolled MA 12, does its work on the siding at West Portal (MP 66) on August 22nd, 1997. Not only is the operator having to contend with the heat and noise but also that smell created as a result of rail grinding.
Photo 3: After finishing off West Portal siding on October 10th, 1994, it is time to head out on to the main line and continue its work as it heads west.

Date: 01/14/20 12:19
Re: 1990's: MOW along the Lehigh Line
Author: perklocal

Outstanding MOW shots !

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