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Date: 03/24/20 10:33
Erie Mining 4211
Author: WichitaJct

I photographed this locomotive the day it was delivered to the RR Museum in Duluth. I have always liked F units but never got a cab ride on one. The day I rode the excursion train they were using a DMIR (ex-BLE) SD38. Wish they had been using the 4211.

Date: 03/24/20 16:24
Re: Erie Mining 4211
Author: krm152

Good to see the SD38 at the museum.
Thanks for th photo post.

Date: 03/24/20 19:36
Re: Erie Mining 4211
Author: RuleG

A bit over 15 years ago, the National Railway Historical Society had its convention in Minneapolis.  One of the excursions was a Duluth - Two Harbors round trip with the Erie Mining 4211 paired with the museum's Soo Line FP7. 

Date: 03/25/20 05:18
Re: Erie Mining 4211
Author: gbmott

The museum also has an F9B, 4221 though it is not currently operational.  Here are the two together in June 2010.  The 4211 looks better today have been given new side panels and refreshed paint.  The Erie Mining units have to have been some of the last F-units anywhere to have retained their fuel tank skirts and the diaphragms between units.


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