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Date: 03/25/20 11:52
Backlit Beauties
Author: overniteman

Rather be out and about, but New Jersey is basically shut down.

So between the movies on TV, books and other time consuming stuff, a dive into some yellow boxes helps pass the time.

The mission is to take bad exposures and try to make them presentable. This slide was a diaster, but these days good software makes it somewhat possible.

Here, a pair of New Jersey Transit GE U34CH's (4174 & 4182) are pushing their Comet cars and commuters towards Hoboken in the early AM.

That's the NJ Turnpike the truck is on and the NEC is on the second overpass.

Secaucus, New Jersey.
March, 1986.

Date: 03/25/20 12:04
Re: Backlit Beauties
Author: santafe199

Very interesting shot! With stuff like this I'm betting there's a whole bunch of us who would love it if you keep "diving"!
'Course, we'll let ya come up for air now & then... ;^)


Date: 04/02/20 17:22
Re: Backlit Beauties
Author: Gonut1

Great stuff!

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