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Date: 03/26/20 16:27
On this day (3/25 edition)
Author: DJ-12

A few random shots taken on various March 25ths before we'd everheard of COVID-19 (I forgot to post yesterday):
1. 3-25-08: The NS C39 ambles down the running track at Tarentum PA as it returns from the ATI plant to Tarentum yard. The former depot in the background is now a restaurant.
2. 3-25-12: Like many Sunday mornings, AVR ran a Sunday extra to collect extra traffic off the BPRR.The returning train rolls along PA route 8 at Allison Park as it returns from Evans City PA.
3. 3-25-13: A year later March 25th looked very different as the Evns City Turn job takes the big curve at Sample.

Date: 03/26/20 16:53
Re: On this day (3/25 edition)
Author: DJ-12

And going back a little further, 3-25-07 was another visit to Sand Patch and the Meyserdale Maple Festival.
1. The sun has just started peaking into the Wills Creek valley at Fairhope as Q388 from Clearing Yard in Chicago eases down the grade on its way to Cumberland.
2. An SD40-2 helper leans into Q249's auto racks as they pass the Chessie cabooses at Hyndman, long home to the Traindorders "Sand Patch Camera".
3. Q359 was always a reliable late afternoon train up the hill and a great way to close out the day above the spot of the original Mance training camp. An all spartan cab EMD consist was getting uncommon even by this date, and with the SD60 leader all the better.

Thanks for looking!

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Date: 03/26/20 19:39
Re: On this day (3/25 edition)
Author: RuleG

Very nice photos!

Date: 03/27/20 08:48
Re: On this day (3/25 edition)
Author: King_Coal

Thanks for sharing these. Shot four has a little magic in it with just a touch of mist.

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