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Nostalgia & History > The Hottest UP Steamer in Salina, KS

Date: 05/22/20 21:00
The Hottest UP Steamer in Salina, KS
Author: rrman6

Per the Salina Journal newspaper and KSAL News it appears the UP477 in the Salina, KS Oakdale Park must be the "Hottet Steamer" presently in the State of Kansas.  From the description it appears there's a new terminology for the boiler's fire box, e.g., "coal box".  It sounds like this isn't the first time someone has tried to excite this old steamer by igniting either nearby or inside her innerds with some form of fire.  Just glad whomever it wasn't successful in any major damage to "her" (ref. to  Language: Steam Loco Gender? in Steam & Excursion on 5-20-20 by wcamp1472) and hope the law can determine the attempted criminals.

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Date: 05/23/20 14:07
Re: The Hottest UP Steamer in Salina, KS
Author: krm152

That is the kind of story I like.

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