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Date: 05/23/20 06:42
Switcher Saturday
Author: Bob3985

In going thru my slides I pulled a few for todays switchers.
Photo 1; Here is a Santa Fe switcher having just crossed he diamonds at Joliet UD.
Photo 2; Taken at Pullman Junction  a set of Belt Railway hauls a transfer to another railroad.
Photo 3; Here is an EJE SD-7 and what looks like a Baldwin switching at the north end of Joliet Yard.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

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Date: 05/23/20 14:10
Re: Switcher Saturday
Author: krm152

Interesting photos. Especially like #1.
Thanks for your photo post.

Date: 05/24/20 09:34
Re: Switcher Saturday
Author: jburek

Those Baldwins sat up high on the rails didn't they.

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