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Date: 06/26/20 17:29
Kodachrome Flare
Author: MacBeau

Santa Fe 5394 sits outside the San Bernardino shops wearing a fresh coat of paint some three-and-a-half decades ago.
Be of good cheer,

Date: 06/26/20 20:04
Re: Kodachrome Flare
Author: DynamicBrake

Hey Mac, nice shot of the business end.  Thanks for sharing.

Kent in CArmel Valley

Date: 06/27/20 07:10
Re: Kodachrome Flare
Author: mp51w

That's a cool shops building photo too! 

Date: 06/28/20 01:36
Re: Kodachrome Flare
Author: Evan_Werkema

The first Santa Fe Kodachrome and the only one with white lettering, which didn't last long.

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