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Date: 06/29/20 22:00
Low Light Specials
Author: dwatry

Dug these out from the slidebox...
1) Sept 1977 - southbound circus train on the Rock Island at Glenville Minnesota.  Of course how can you tell?  Could be anything.
2) July 1975 - eastbound SP freight at Walong siding at Tehachapi Loop.
3) Sept 1977 - this one is also a contender in the "blur" category - northbound ICG freight with a GP-10 leading between Glenville and Albert Lea Minnesota.  I believe Albert Lea was the farthest northern point on the old IC.

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Date: 06/30/20 13:16
Re: Low Light Specials
Author: santafe199

Love #1! I can remember times in the 1960s at my Grandma's house in the early evenings. Sometimes the Rock Island local was late in making its return trip out of Salina back to Herington right through (almost) her back yard. We cousins would be in that back yard doing who knows what, and we would hear that distinctive 5-chime approaching from a few blocks to the west. We had to race right up to the track so we could look into the glare of that headlight, usually against some kind of sunset. Then, with uncontrollable excitement we would back off and get ready to count the cars. We just HAD to. It was the LAW!!! 'Sides... not a single one of us were wealthy enough to go laying a penny on the rail! Shoot, that would have been one less penny-candy peanut butter bar to enjoy the next day... ;^)


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