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Date: 06/29/20 22:38
Santa Fe Cowls
Author: dwatry

From the Cowl collection:

1) Eastbound container train at San Bernardino with F45 #5901 (I think), waiting to head east up Cajon Pass in July 1972.  Shot was taken from the lower level Dutch door vestibule of a Santa Fe Hi-Level car on Amtrak's Chief, the summer-only second train on the LA-Chicago route in summer 1972.   I believe this junction is now called CP Rancho.   Surprised to see containers, not piggybacks, during this timeframe.
2) Southbound grain train on the San Diego line at Elvira with F45 #5902 and 3 sister units leading, approaching Pacific Beach in September 1976.  I like that all the cowls are elephant-style.
3) Northbound intermodal with #103 in fresh new paint in March 1990 at Woodford, CA, between Tehachapi and Bakersfield. 

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Date: 06/29/20 22:40
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: 3rdswitch

Real nice trio.

Date: 06/29/20 23:12
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE series!


Date: 06/30/20 00:05
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: jgilmore

Totally sweet! JG

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Date: 06/30/20 06:28
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: tracktime


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Date: 06/30/20 08:26
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: Chico43

What your first photo depicts is the old junction between the Third Dictrict and Second District main tracks at West Yard Tower. The old Second District main track now belongs to Metrolink and is on a flyover at that location with CP Rancho being the first control point to the west. If you stood in the same location today you would see an entirely different scene.
Thanks for the memories of better days in San Bernardino.....!

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Date: 06/30/20 14:00
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: 86235

Excellent series Duncan, especially #3

Date: 06/30/20 14:32
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: atsf121

Love #3. Long live the Santa Fe!

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Date: 06/30/20 16:35
Re: Santa Fe Cowls
Author: randgust

Taking an enlarged look at that shot, I think that 4th unit might be one of the U28CG's, which would make sense because they were still geared 'high'.  And at least one of them was among the first to get the blue and yellow warbonnet; remember the first units in yellowbonnet came out in early June '72.

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