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Nostalgia & History > a SOO (DSS&A) Baldwin salad?

Date: 06/30/20 07:51
a SOO (DSS&A) Baldwin salad?
Author: valmont

Here's a Bruce Black shot of ex-DSS&A BLW DRS6-6-1500 #385 @ ? Date was Aug.1964. Known to some as DSS&A's 'salad' paint scheme, it did survive into the SOO era for a time. Think SOO should have adopted it for it's own fleet ; ^ ) ?

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Date: 06/30/20 08:16
Re: a SOO (DSS&A) Baldwin salad?
Author: refarkas

Rare locomotive with an interesting paint scheme.

Date: 06/30/20 08:50
Re: a SOO (DSS&A) Baldwin salad?
Author: DD40

I've never seen that scheme. Kind of attractive and reflects an era of unique branding. I'm trying to picture a GP38 or a SD70MAC painted like that. 

Date: 06/30/20 09:11
Re: a SOO (DSS&A) Baldwin salad?
Author: zephyrus

Bears some resemblance to the scheme Western Pacific used on their FTs.  The WP had a smaller yellow stripe and darker green.


Date: 06/30/20 09:44
Re: a SOO (DSS&A) Baldwin salad?
Author: Bob3985

Nice photo of the DSS&A in its original colors.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 06/30/20 19:04
Re: a SOO (DSS&A) Baldwin salad?
Author: RuleG

Thanks for sharing this photo.

The Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic scheme was interesting, but I find the Soo Line scheme of white with red trim and black lettering & numbers to be much more appealing.

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