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Nostalgia & History > Simple shot of CNJ RS-3

Date: 08/01/20 07:20
Simple shot of CNJ RS-3
Author: skyview

CNJ 1544 leads a local doing switching at Boundbrook, NJ, on May 8 1975. 

Looking at this image I cant help but be curious about the crew, seen here no doubt is the conductor, head and rear brakeman all on the front, with the engineer seen in the cab.  Being an older crew, the local would have been a desirable job, likely being home each night.  At the time of this image, the CNJ had less than 1 year before it was included into Conrail.  How many of the crew simply retired at the time of Conrail.  No ditchlights. And a caboose in consist.  Not much of this image remains, the trackage does, but the locomotive, caboose, likely freight cars gone.  And the crew, well its been 45 years since that image, likely have passed as well.

Simple shot... 

Date: 08/01/20 08:05
Re: Simple shot of CNJ RS-3
Author: refarkas

Well done - A first-rate image.

Date: 08/01/20 09:21
Re: Simple shot of CNJ RS-3
Author: krm152

A classic local scene from the mid 1970's era.
The L&N boxcar has not gone unnoticed.
Thanks for the interesting photo posting.

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