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Date: 08/01/20 18:41
Some DRGW Action
Author: BNSF-6432

Here's some shots from a trip my father took 41 years ago to the Denver, CO while spending some time on the Rio Grande while there. He succeeded more than I did during my visit a few years ago as the Moffat line didn't offer anything.

1) A GP30 leads a GP40 at the base of the mountains in Pinecliffe, CO.

2) Looking back at the same train revealing several trailers on the head end.

3) The pair of four axle GP's reveal themselves again in a break in the trees.

Date: 08/01/20 18:45
Re: Some DRGW Action
Author: BNSF-6432

4,5,6) A westbound with 2 GP40's passes the east end of a siding near Pinecliffe late in the day.

Date: 08/01/20 18:48
Re: Some DRGW Action
Author: BNSF-6432

7) A pair of GP40's travel light in Denver

8) GP9 5942 sitting at Colorado Springs

9) GP9's and a SD9 gather in Pueblo, CO.

Taken August 1979 by Daryl McGee

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Date: 08/01/20 19:24
Re: Some DRGW Action
Author: WAF

Train 134 at Cliff

Date: 08/01/20 21:36
Re: Some DRGW Action
Author: coach

Despite stiff grades and long climbs, the D&RGW kept buying B-B units.  Heavy coal trains up and down Moffett and Tennessee Passes with skill.  That always impresses the heck out of me.

Date: 08/02/20 02:17
Re: Some DRGW Action
Author: rrpreservation

Wonderful collection of shots!!!

Thanks for sharing them.

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