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Date: 09/14/20 19:01
Maroon Monday - Oklahoma
Author: dwatry

Couple of shots from an August 1975 roadtrip coast-to-coast.

1)  Southbound Rock Island freight at Renfrew, Oklahoma, led by GP-35 #322, with impressive grain elevators in the background.  Looks like trailing units are an SD-40-2 and a GP-7.   I like the way in this era TOFC cars were just mixed randomly into the consist.
2)  Chased the train further south for this shot of the EMDs trying to look like Alcos, exhaust-wise!  Really wading through the weeds at this point!


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Date: 09/14/20 19:13
Re: Maroon Monday - Oklahoma
Author: refarkas

Well done. That elevator in image one makes a great photo prop.

Date: 09/14/20 19:26
Re: Maroon Monday - Oklahoma
Author: santafe199

Nice! I was able to chase very little Rock Island action in the Sooner State...


Date: 09/14/20 20:51
Re: Maroon Monday - Oklahoma
Author: dwatry

I have to admit - I'm almost as much of a grain elevator fan as I am a railfan.  Guess I live in the wrong part of the country.  But when I'm in the Midwest, I love the sequence of seeing the next grain elevator on the horizon as I drive along the highway toward the next "Prairie High-Rise"!!

Date: 09/14/20 20:59
Re: Maroon Monday - Oklahoma
Author: IC1038west

4797 in the middle. One of the big dogs. Very nice catch.

Date: 09/14/20 21:20
Re: Maroon Monday - Oklahoma
Author: dwatry

Whoa my mistake. I had assumed it was a GP-40, but now I see it's an SD-40-2.  Wasn't even aware Rock Island had any of those.  Thanks for the info - I'll edit the text.

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