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Nostalgia & History > Wyoming Wednesday: Cody

Date: 09/16/20 05:50
Wyoming Wednesday: Cody
Author: PVSfan

Here's another gateway inn on the road to Yellowstone:  Cody Inn at Cody WY.
It was operated in conjunction with the Burlington.  
Passengers would take automobiles from there over Sylvan Pass to the national park.

Streamliner Memories has a short article about the Cody Road:
Cody Road

P.S.  I think all or part of the inn was taken over by a petroleum company.  Anyone know if it
still stands in any form.

Date: 09/16/20 05:56
Re: Wyoming Wednesday: Cody
Author: PVSfan

I found this neat aerial view of the railroad and inn at Geyser Bob's website:
Cody Wy hotels


Date: 09/16/20 08:10
Re: Wyoming Wednesday: Cody
Author: BigSkyBlue

Based on the location of the water tower in the aerial photo it's not there anymore.  The water tower still had a little of the Burlington Route herald showing when it was taken down a few years back.  Nice stuff.   BSB


Date: 09/16/20 08:45
Re: Wyoming Wednesday: Cody
Author: SD608708

Not sure its the same one or a namesake, but we stayed at the Cody Inn two years ago on the western edge of Cody.

Paul B
Canton, GA

Date: 09/16/20 13:22
Re: Wyoming Wednesday: Cody
Author: PVSfan

I wrote the Park County Historical Society back in 1993 about the Cody Inn,
The archivist sent back some material and an article stating the Cody Inn was
partially torn down in the 1950s and other parts kept as offices for Husky Refinery.

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